Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beyond Livid!

At first I just felt sorry for Franny Armstrong. I mean, I can understand just how loyal she is to Red Rose Publishing and doesn't really want to believe that they are acting in ways that are NOT designed to help their authors.

I totally understood, even though I am NOT the one who went to Dear Author in spite of the fact that they used my blog entry, that she blamed me for this mess. She could see her own work sinking attached to this house so yes, I felt sorry for her. That is...until now. Now, I have no sympathy whatsoever.

Franny Armstrong went into one of my mom's blogs and commented that I do nothing but hurt people on my blogs and don't care about any of the people who will be hurt if Red Rose Publishing goes under. Then she accused me of being a Mel Gibson type person who's callous nature was akin to his anti-Jewish vitriol.

First off on Dear Author Franny Armstrong had accused me of slander. The technical term is libel not slander when it's written. So she got that wrong. Two, it's only libel if anything I'd written were untrue which it's not. I can back up everything I said. But what she put on my mom's blog, Franny if you ever see this...THAT IS LIBEL!

So my dear Franny Armstrong, I no longer feel any sympathy for you at all. As far as I am concerned you can sink in the mire along with Red Rose and Wendi Felter. And, just like Wendi, you have no one to blame but yourself. But I have no doubt that just like Wendi, you'll still blame it all on me. Grow up!


  1. No matter what we say, Sweetie, that faction is going to hold us responsible. Remember some people are never to blame for their own actions. It will always be the other person...AND remember something else, Dracula and Renfield.

  2. I have to tell Emmy that. She'll get such a kick.